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Magic Mirror

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 Title: Magic Mirror 

Photographer: Alissa Thakker

Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya

Behind the lens: This artistic piece is one of my most acclaimed works - having gone viral in several countries and published in over seven news outlets. Little did we know that it would only be at the end of our chilly, and long morning of circling the savannah plains, when we would strike gold. As we drove up on the most beautiful landscape our guide signaled ahead in excitement. At the edge of our seats, our eyes lit up with anticipation as we saw a mother cheetah and her two baby cubs strolling towards a stream to quench their thirst.



Sizing Guide:

  • Small - 20" x 20" (+ 0.5" border) 
  • Medium - 30" x 30" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Large - 40" x 40" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Extra Large - 50" x 50"(+ 1.5" border) 

Printed on C Type Fuji Matt