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A New Beginning

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Title: A New Beginning

Photographer: Alissa Thakker

Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya

Behind the lens:  Seeing an adult lioness carrying her cubs in her mouth has always been a dream sighting for me. A lot of elements make this picture stand out to me; the dust, the vigor in the lionesses eyes, the innocence and trusting nature of the cub. The cubs of this pride were at the top of a cliff, and two female lionesses were at the bottom. As the lioness was coming down the cliff with this cub in her mouth there was a beautiful show of dust. A magical moment that I’ll never forget.



Sizing Guide:

  • Small - 16" x 20" (+ 0.5" border) 
  • Medium - 24" x 30" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Large - 32" x 40" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Extra Large - 40" x 50"(+ 1.5" border)

Printed on C Type Fuji Matt