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Power in Unity

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Title: Power In Unity

Photographer: Alissa Thakker

Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya

Behind the lens: This is an image of the infamous ‘Tano Bora’ coalition of cheetahs. Loyalty is one of the attributes that is fundamental to survival, especially with cheetahs.. Much like other wild animals, cheetahs depend on each other to survive. This coalition has proved time and time again to be one of the strongest coalitions to ever exist, being able to take down prey that cheetahs have never hunted before – like Zebras (which are typically too huge for regular cheetah coalitions to hunt). Their success rate in hunting is much higher than regular cheetahs, they are able to take over better territories and access more prey – just due to the fact that they stick together. There is power in their unity, and that’s the story this image tells.



Sizing Guide:

  • Small - 16" x 20" (+ 0.5" border) 
  • Medium - 24" x 30" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Large - 32" x 40" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Extra Large - 40" x 50"(+ 1.5" border)

Printed on C Type Fuji Matt