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The Fall of Twilight

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Title: The Fall of Twilight

Photographer: Alissa Thakker

Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya

Behind the lens: This is a sighting that has stayed in my mind since the day I saw it. This image was taken in the evening, at around 4:30pm, so that golden light was about to hit. It’s always challenging photographing a cheetah and her cubs, because the cubs are so playful and love to jump in the tall grass. I was picturing this composition in my mind, I wanted to get a shot of the cheetah and the cub in the same line and facing the same direction. The resemblance of their facial expression is uncanny, and this remains one of my favorite images.



Sizing Guide:

  • Small - 20" x 20" (+ 0.5" border) 
  • Medium - 30" x 30" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Large - 40" x 40" (+ 1.0" border)
  • Extra Large - 50" x 50"(+ 1.5" border)

Printed on C Type Fuji Matt